Five days off

I took a couple of vacation days to go along with my paid Good Friday.  I had high hopes of knocking out several collages/paintings, getting my house cleaned up, maybe finish the laundry.  (sigh)  It did not go the way I had hoped, not even close.

I wonder if I sabotaged myself?   Do you over schedule? 

ImageOn the table today.


4 thoughts on “Five days off”

  1. In my day job I have a to-do list that I just work through, it’s probably not the most efficient but then I don’t really care lol. But when I have art days, I set myself THREE goals for that particular day, and I WILL achieve those goals. It really helps to set three goals I find.


    1. Setting goals are a really good idea. I use To Do lists for chores and my day job. I need something to keep in the studio, a “To Do” list to keep me focused on what needs to be done.


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